Hot Water Systems

When your hot water system is on the blink, you need a plumber fast!

Before deciding whether you need a new hot water system, we have enough experience to repair your existing hot water heater. We will only recommend replacing your hot water system when it is totally necessary.

At Sublime plumbing we consider the following before supplying and installing an appropriate hot water system:

  • What size hot water system is best for your household
  • What type of hot water system best suits your household — storage and continuous flow hot water systems
  • What is the best source of energy to run your hot water system. gas-hot-water-system installed

We also care about your long term costs including; running costs energy efficiency and unit life expectancy, so we will only install the best unit for your household.

Choose between some of the leading brands, including; Rheem, Bosch, Dux, Rinnai, Aquamax, Vulcan Electric Gas or Solar. What ever you choose, we will install. Whether it be for a single dwelling or block of apartments.